Individual career consultation

targetPart 1. 2 hours
  • An overview of your work experience and analysis of your expectations\1 hour
  • Detailed CV review with recommendations or creation of a new CV with the help of an HR consultant \ 45 min.
  • Proposal for the content and structure of your cover letter / 15 min
targetPart 2. 2 hours
  • Creation of your virtual profile (LinkedIn, CV bank and CV online) / 1 hour
  • An overview of labor market or industry of your interest - Preparation for a job interview – suggestions and recommendations
  • Creation of an individual plan for job searching process - Opportunity to keep in touch 30 days after the consultation.

Price of an individual consultation
240 € VAT included

Other services

CV creation and review

Both the company's manager and the personnel specialist are most disappointed by the answer "Nothing" when asked - "What do you know about our company?". Every company wants to hire an active, curious employee who is interested in both the company and the position. Are you interested in the company you are applying for? Do a little research before you go for an interview: 

  • Curriculum vitae is an informal document that lists information about your education, qualifications and work experience. CV is based on your personal and work experience, so it may vary from case to case. However, there are some universal tips for writing a resume that is neat, looks good and draws the attention of a potential employer. 
  • When you enter a competition for any job position, you are trying to “sell” your skills to the employer. The employer will decide whether to invite you for an interview according to the content of your CV. Due to this fact, your resume is an informal document exhibiting your career and an opportunity to "sell" your skills. Therefore, it is worth devoting time and attention to prepare a proper CV.

Consultation price
60 EUR/hour VAT included

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