Interview simulation drill

Interview simulation drill (approx. 1-2 hours) helps you try yourself in the situation of the job interview and practice before an important meeting.

During this individual consultation the consultant will conduct a detailed interview with you based on your CV. We will cover your experience, skills; we will ask you questions and provoce you to get you ready to face a job interview. A special attention will be paid to the questions you doubt about or have no answers to. After the interview we will analyze what could have been done better, how you should have reacted to one or another situation, where it good to provide details and where stick to the point and be precise.

You can register for an interview simulation drill just before an important scheduled interview with a potential employer. In this case we encourage you to take along a copy of a job ad – and we will advise on what to emphasize and what will potentially be important for the employer when hiring for this job.

The fee for 1-2 hour individual consultation – 75.00 EUR incl. VAT.

Register by e-mail: or by calling: 852734170