Choose outplacement over firing!

Human needs are especially valued in our company. Realizing that losing your job is not a pleasant experience, we offer professional recruitment services. Outplacement is an innovative approach to an employee who loses his or her job. The employment service benefits both the employer and the dismissed employee. This can make it easier for an employee to overcome career challenges and find a new job faster, and for an employer to demonstrate their social responsibility.

Outplacement process

Outplacement process consists of both individual and group counseling. This service is made of several parts that make it easier for employees to prepare for their future careers:

  • Job search plan (a clear plan is developed to help the employee refine the job search strategy);
  • CV preparation (assistance in preparing a CV);
  • Preparation for a job interview (the most important aspects of the job interview are discussed);
  • Linkedin profile review (help updating an attractive LinkedIn profile);
  • Market trends presentation (presents the prevailing labor market trends, changes).
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