Preparing for a job interview

Take an interest in the company

Both the company's manager and the personnel specialist are most disappointed by the answer "Nothing" when asked - "What do you know about our company?". Every company wants to hire an active, curious employee who is interested in both the company you are applying for and the position. Are you interested in the company you are applying for? Before going for an interview, do a little research:

  • View company information on the website;
  • Find out what the main activities of the company are, what are the most important customers and suppliers of the company;
  • Pay attention to the published annual reports;
  • Maybe you have acquaintances who work or have worked for this company before? - talk to them;
  • If you are interviewing a recruitment company representing the company, ask the consultant for more information about the company, the specifics of the job and the planned selection process.

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