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We understand the special importance of protecting Your personal data, therefore, we collect and process only those data that are necessary for our activity. We process personal data lawfully, transparently and honestly, for predefined purposes and only to the extent that is necessary for the achievement of those purposes. When processing personal data, we seek to make them accurate, safe, confidential, properly stored and protected. When processing Your personal data, we comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as GDPR), the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as other legislation governing the protection of personal data.


In this Cookie Policy (hereinafter, the Policy), we inform you about the technologies used on this website that help ensure the proper functioning of the website or monitor and analyse the behaviour of visitors of the website during their browsing sessions. 


A cookie is a small text file that a website sends to your web browser when you visit it and stores it on the device that you are using. For this reason, the site may "remember" your actions and options (such as registration name, language, font size, and other display options) for a certain period of time so that you do not have to re-enter them each time you visit the site.

The websites use own/first party and/or third party cookies. According to the function they perform, the cookies classify to: 

a) Required cookies. These cookies activate the basic browsing or access functions of the website. Without these cookies, the website will not work properly. 

b) Functional or technical cookies. These cookies help personalize the webpage by remembering the visitor’s preferences and settings, such as his/her language choice or his/her geographic region. 

c) Statistical or analytic cookies that collect anonymous information aggregated into reports that allow the website owner to understand how visitors use the website. 

d) Marketing or advertising cookies.  They are used to track visitors on many websites in order to serve ads that are tailored to them. They also limit the number of ads displayed and help evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. These are mostly cookies from third-party advertisers.

e) Unclassified cookies. These are cookies that are not yet assigned to any class due to lack of information, so their classification will be done after the information is provided by the providers of these cookies.

Cookies are divided into session and persistent cookies according to their validity period.

In terms of the location of their creation, there are two types of cookies:

a) First-party or own cookies are created on the website that you are visiting.;

b) Third-party cookies are created by other websites. As a rule, these sites own and include certain content, such as ads or images, that appears on the website you are visiting,

Trackers and digital fingerprinting are more sophisticated technologies that work without cookies (files stored on the user's device). For example, when a webpage uses tracking pixels / tags, a 1-pixel "image" is loaded each time a user accesses a particular webpage element, so that the server learns that a particular user with a specific IP address was in that webpage element, and that information is stored on the server. If the user does not consent to the collection of personal data, such elements of the website are disabled immediately. Digital IDs are highly accurate, generated by a user’s smart device, and unique IDs allow the same user to be identified at any time later.

Web beacons, uXDT, or Ultrasonic tracking technology work in such a way that when a website is visited, the computer generates an ultrasonic signal that is inaudible to humans but received by other smart devices running a certain app at the same time. The use of this technology requires a data protection impact assessment


We use cookies so that:

a) the website could recognize you and remember your settings and preferences;

We do not use cookies to identify you. The cookies on our website are not used for any purpose other than those described here.


We use only Required cookies on the website:

_GRECAPTCHA (Required cookie)  – this cookie is used to distinguish humans from automated systems. This is useful for the website by providing valid reports on the use of the website (retention 6 months). 


This website has an interface with third-party communication channels “Linkedin”, “Facebook” and “Youtube” where we place information about the Company's activities and act as separate data controllers. The cookies used by this channel allow us to obtain aggregated statistics and insights into how visitors interact with our posts, ads, this website, videos and other content on these social media. 

You can learn more about the third-party monitoring technologies used on our website here:

a) „Linkedin“ visitor monitoring technologies used – „Linkedin“ visitor monitoring technologies are used to identify the visitor, ensure the safety of the visitor's account, monitor his behavior and provide adapted content, including advertisements. The moment of creation – during the visit. Expiry date – more information about Linkedin cookies:  

b) User monitoring technologies used by Facebook – Facebook visitor and Messenger user monitoring technologies are used to identify the visitor, monitor their behavior and improve their content. The moment of creation – during the visit. Expiry date – more information about Facebook and Facebook Messenger cookies: 

c) Youtube user monitoring technologies – Youtube visitor monitoring technologies are used to identify the visitor, monitor his / her behavior and provide customized content. The moment of creation – during the visit. Expiry date – More information on Youtube cookies:


In order for the website to function properly, you do not have to accept all the cookies used here but doing so will make browsing easier for you. You can block all but the necessary cookies, however, some features of this website may not work as intended and you may need to reset some options each time you visit our website.

Most browsers allow you:

a) to check which cookies are stored and to delete cookies one by one;

b) block all third-party cookies;

c) block cookies from specific websites;

d) block all cookies on the website;

e) delete all cookie preferences when closing the browser.


We use only Required cookies on the website. It is important to remember that the website requires "Required cookies" to function properly, it is not possible to disable these cookies.


We regularly review the cookies used on the website and, if necessary, notify you of any material changes to the visitor tracking technology used here by updating this Cookie Policy.

The latest revision of this Policy was made on 12/01/2023.

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